"Two industry heavyweights with a combined worth of $74 billion could be set to fight it out for ownership of..."

Tobin Smith,
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Buy shares of GFOX now while you can still get
them at around $1.00 and you could...

Fellow Energy Investor:

Newsflash: Thanks to fracking, big-oil is now prowling previously under-developed areas of America searching for ripe-for-picking shale oil leases.

Practically overnight, parts of Nevada have become the red-hot squabbling grounds where land-hungry, profit-conscious, big-oil companies are practically in hand-to-hand combat over the purchase of the most promising oil and gas leases.

While big-oil and opportunistic energy investors have been preoccupied with the vast oil reserves of the Bakken and the Monterey shales, the smaller, but still-significant and I think, potentially more-profitable resources of Nevada are now capturing the attention of major oil companies.

I believe that the under-developed areas of Nevada are in the early stages of another Bakken-type of land rush.

And if you followed what happened to some of those early Bakken energy stocks, you already know that getting in early was the key to profits of...

Gray Fox Petroleum GFOX Has Beaten Big-Oil to the Punch!

Unknown, Gray Fox Petroleum Corp GFOX has somehow managed to lock up a 100% working interest in a prime, 32,723 acre oil prospect known as the West Ranch Prospect. In fact, under the terms of their deal, they practically stole it.

When big-oil comes knocking, GFOX stands to make a huge profit. And so could you, if you own GFOX now before the bidding war begins!

Here's the thing: to all its big-oil neighbors, that 1.25 billion barrels of estimated oil is as tempting as ice cream to a ten-year-old.

One of the industry's most experienced and respected Registered Professional Geologists, just concluded an extensive survey of the West Ranch Prospect.

In a signed Report, released in May, 2013

That's one heck of a lot of oil concentrated in one small spot. The simple truth is that this area of Nevada, where Gray Fox GFOX controls 32,723 acres is fast becoming big-oil's NEXT energy hot spot.

The West Ranch Prospect is located smack in the middle of Nevada's prolific oil generating basin and sits over what geologists refer to as the Mississippian Diamond Peak sandstone and the Devonian Guilmette dolomitic carbonates.


I don't know how they pulled it off. All I can say is GFOX absolutely stole West Ranch for pennies on the dollar. And at the price it paid for that estimated 1.25 billion barrels of oil, it looks to me as if the company could easily make a 1,000 percent profit selling its leases at way below their fair market value.

Gray Fox Petroleum's potential 1.25 billion
barrels of oil make it a prime takeover
target for any major oil company

  • Noble Energy (NYSE:NBL; market cap $27B) just announced an aggressive $130 million exploration plan for its Nevada prospect. Noble might decide $25 a share for GFOX's estimated 1.25 billion barrels of oil is a bargain.
  • With ownership of 75,885 Nevada acres EOG Resources Inc (NYSE:EOG | $46.7B) is not only a potential buyer, but in my opinion a front runner in the race to grab GFOX's potential 1.25 billion barrels of oil.

If I'm right, and my track record suggests I am, that would mean that if you act now while you can still get GFOX for $1.00 a share, you could...

You'll find my track record, as well as more-complete details on Gray Fox Petroleum GFOX and its West Ranch Prospect when you visit the link below:

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