U R G E N T   B U Y   A L E R T :  Grid Petroleum (GRPR.OB)
4th week – April 2010

As The Authority on Oil & Gas stocks in Wyoming,
when I tell you my latest pick (GRPR.OB) is a slam dunk…
it’s time to start BUYING!

“I’m blowing the doors wide open on my latest energy pick – Grid Petroleum!

This fast emerging company is sitting smack in the middle of where Pennaco was drilling when it got snatched up by mammoth Marathon Oil for $19 per share!”

I have the most winning track record of any investment expert in Wyoming Oil & Gas stocks. Investors who followed my previous Wyoming Oil & Gas advice witnessed huge gains in:

  • Ultra Petroleum (UL): 13,266% gains!
  • American Oil and Gas (AEZ): 647% gains!
  • Pennaco Energy (PN): 660% gains!

Now, once again…

Success is so close you can taste it.

  • GRPR could be sitting on 1.2 TRILLION cubic feet of gas in one of the largest natural gas fields in the world—world renowned oil services firm confirms it!
  • Billionaire T. Boone Pickens—the man who made a $3 billion fortune in the stuff—is literally pouring millions into a natural gas initiative.
  • Washington is putting $150 billion behind the switch to natural gas.
  • Exxon, Petrohawk, and coal giant Consol Energy, investing mega-millions in Natural Gas.
  • Wall Street’s #1 Independent Research Firm issued a “BUY” Rating on GRPR.

Scott S. Fraser, Editor
The Natural Contrarian

PS: I am sending you this Early Mover Alert, before GRPR.OB’s share price goes ballistic! If you had bought $10,000 worth of shares on my Ultra Petroleum recommendation when it was trading for $1.50 per/share, you would be over $1 million richer!

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