Octagon 88 Resources (OCTX) Suddenly Own BILLIONS of Barrels
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Fellow Profit Lover,

I'm John Myers, editor of Secret Stocks and I'd be shocked if you've heard of Octagon 88 Resources (OCTX). This debt-free $70-million natural resource exploration company only started trading a few weeks ago. Early investors -- including you! -- stand to make fortunes.

I'm proudly going on the record as both a financial analyst and as a geologist when I tell you we are witnessing the birth of major oil company.

Wall Street is still clueless, but the Swiss are aware

On February 8, 2013, coverage of OCTX was initiated by Swiss analyst Ernest Schlotter of SISM Research, a Zurich-based independent research provider:

Schlotter's analysis confirms what I've found. Octagon 88 (OCTX) is a $3 stock that should be selling for $12 -- right now!

You can pick up OCTX shares today for about $3.30. So yes, a jump to $12 turns every $10,000 invested into about $30,000. My just-released research has all the juicy details and my report is yours FREE.

Schlotter's in-depth analysis of OCTX's assets, broken down by project:

Assets / Projects Millions Value per share
Trout Producing Field $31.0 $1.18
Elkton/Debolt Formation $44.5 $1.69
SAGD Bluesky/Geth. $192.0 $7.31
JV Partner Carbonate $52.0 $1.98
TOTALS $319.5 $12.18

As your free report reveals, early investors will watch this $3 stock climb over $5, past $6 and right up to where it belongs, $12.18. Long-term potential could triple that price! OCTX could reach $36 in 2014... and then up to $190. Incredible? See what's in my report! You will be blown away.

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John Myers, above, has been
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As impressive as those returns are, they might pale compared to the profits Octagon 88 (OCTX) could produce -- especially for early investors. Don't miss out -- get your report now!

John Myers
John Myers' Secret Stocks

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Here are the top 10 reasons I'm recommending you buy OCTX

1. OCTX is Not a Start Up, OCTX already has the goods and is already developing -- Octagon 88 is a development play, heavy oil projects combined produce a potential recovery rate of 200,000 barrels a day when fully developed, putting OCTX and its heavy oil project partners in the top 5 heavy oil producers in all of Canada.

2. Undervalued Assets: Top ranking swiss research analysts proves OCTX could jump to 12.18 overnight.

Assets / Projects Millions Value per share
Trout Producing Field $31.0 $1.18
Elkton/Debolt Formation $44.5 $1.69
SAGD Bluesky/Geth. $192.0 $7.31
JV Partner Carbonate $52.0 $1.98
TOTALS $319.5 $12.18

3. OCTX shares could be worth $190 when word reaches Wall Street -- Engineering reports forecast that Octagon's investment in the massive principal 3.6 billion PIIP heavy oil projects could expect to produce a minimum 200,000 barrels of oil per day for as long as the next 25 years. When fully developed the operations could produce 73 million barrels a year-- at a very conservative $75 a barrel, based on those numbers the revenue projected for the combined projects estimated at $5.4 billion a year or respectively $1.8 billion revenue annually for OCTX.

Octagon 88 & CEC North Star projections are expected to total $136.8 billion over the acquired 25 year lease life. The best part is that OCTX gets 33% of this, meaning a total of $45 billion total. Suncor operates at about an 11% net-profit. So, that is what I used to compute Octagon's total net-profit margin of $4.9 billion.

So, to get an idea of what Wall Street's expectation for OCTX's shares might be, simply divide its 26,545,473 shares by the $4.9 billion profit margin and you end up with OCTX at $190 a share!

4. 300 Years of Success Backed Up With All The Money OCTX Needs -- Octagon 88 has experienced professionals as directors with more than 300 years of combined winning records developing successful oil and gas projects in Western Canada and throughout the world. And OCTX couldn't be situated in a more prime position. Plus -- the company is backed by Zentrum Energie Trust, a $150 million private equity and venture capital firm based in Switzerland.

5. Takeover/Merger Potential -- Just days ago OCTX's neighbor Nexen was acquired by China's CNOC for a whopping $15 Billion - this makes it the largest foreign takeover ever. OCTX's Management is lining up all the ingredients for what looks like a possible takeover target in the near future and timing couldn't be better, This is the first year where the developing world will overtake the developed world in oil consumption.

6. Sweet Light Crude Oil Bonus -- Cash is about to flow in from one of OCTX's land blocks from the production of conventional light oil! This means fast cash for OCTX and its investors... 300 to 500 barrels of light crude a day looks to start within a few weeks of being drilled. That's 180,000 barrels of high-price light crude a year and every drop is easily recovered with conventional oil drilling technology.

7. Existing Infrastructure Worth $100 Million -- Octagon 88's projects are only a few dozen miles from major pipelines moving their oil and gas production to market and those miles all-weather highway miles. This inherent advantage is estimated to be worth upwards of $100 million.

8. New Technologies and Fantastic Research Results -- Octagon 88 is at the right place at the right time... sitting on vast oceans of oil that used to be too costly to recover. Now, with so many technological advances embraced by Octagon 88, getting oil from sand is becoming routine -- and tremendously lucrative -- for Octagon 88 and its investors!

9. Unstoppable Demand at $200 a barrel-- Economies around the world are springing back to life, increasing demands for oil. In 2013, for the first time in history, the developing world will overtake the developed world in the consumption of oil.

"On our estimates, oil prices could even spike to $200/bbl over the next 5 years."

- Global Energy Paper

And even when economies are slow, demands for oil never go away. The industrialized world will continue to crave oil for the rest of our lives.

"To prevent a potential shock to the economy caused by an oil supply disruption, the Chinese Government has been steadily pushing building an oil stock reserve system"

- International Energy Agency

10. Safest Oil on Earth -- No Middle East troubles in Canada. No political uprisings or revolutions. That's a big reason why more and more large investors are putting money into North American oil production. This trend will continue.

"The US department of Defense uses approximately 300'000 barrels of oil a day and spent $17.3 billion on petroleum in 2011, a 26 percent increase from the previous year."

- PEW Environment